Lacey at Heuston Park in Boulder

Professional Cat

Master Napper, Taunter of Dogs

International Business Tycoon

Obtained by T.J. in the Fall of 2005 from a coworker at the funeral home along Diagonal in Boulder, who had a litter of kittens. That is, just to be clear, their _cat_ had had a litter of kittens. At her new home in an apartment by Heuston Park, she quickly learned how to hop onto the dog Athena, chase and return small paper wads, and played with anything that little kitten paws could grasp.

By 2007 she had worked her way up to Vice President of Research at the Quantum Napping Company of Boulder, where she pioneered new frontiers in napping techniques, increased napping productivity by over 80%, and lead development of the marketing/sales team, delivering extraordinary customer service.

Lacey tests the underparts of a pull-out bed sofa.

Kitty, CEO of Quantum Napping Company, demonstrates for investors the company's latest window sill napping techniques.

A patent on an innovative form of cross-lateral sunny-spot napping earned her the funds to attend grad school, which lead to a triple PhD in Theoretical Physics, Spacecraft Systems Engineering, and International Finance, at Claw & Tail University.

While living in Socorro New Mexico, where I worked at NRAO, she would climb onto a tall wooden fence pole and taunt the neighbor's dogs.

Lacey on high perches in Socorro.

The value of the international business empire she left behind is unknown. It's something she was rather quiet about. There are those who say there was no such thing, but I know what she was up to when she went out every night.

I am honored to have been her pet Human.